Wednesday, 5 September 2012

English So Far

It's been four weeks since our first English class and so far, I've learnt a lot more about writing and have improved a lot. One of the many things I've learnt so far is to show, not tell. When we first started doing free writing during our second English lesson, I was just stating things and not describing them, giving detail, but as the classes went by, I learnt to be more descriptive in my writing and use the 'golden nuggets' that I found in my work. Also, I learnt a lot more about blogging, and how to set up one. Before this class, I'd never had a blog before and I think it's pretty cool that we have one now, so we can share our ideas. 

The thing I like most about English this year is that we have the ability to be independent while working, so while we're working, we can go sit anywhere and listen to music, which I find really relaxing. If I were to choose one thing to add to this class, I'd really like it if we did something to do with reading. Maybe we haven't gotten to that unit yet, but it would be fun to have reading incorporated into our English lessons because I really love reading and it's one of my favorite things to do.


  1. I really agree with you about that we should do more with books. I love reading, and I would love to bring the stories that we're reading to the discussion table.

  2. I completely agree with all your comments about our English classes so far. On how to improve my writing, "looking for the gold" etc. I do think it would be great to have some reading time and share our thoughts on our favourite books and authors as well :)

  3. Yeah, it would be great to add more reading to this class like last year, when we had literature circles. :D

    1. Yeah! I hope we're going to read something good! :) love you blog by the way!