Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TED Talks Reflection

My three summary points were:

  • There isn't only one story
  • There are stereotypes everywhere
  • Single stories steal your dignity 
I thought the video was good. There were parts where I sort of zoned out, so I didn't quite get what she was saying but besides that, I enjoyed it. The lady had quite an interesting story to tell about her life experiences such as when she went to college. When she went to college, she had a roommate who quite curious. Being African, her roommate probably thought that she would listen to tribal music all day but when she asked, she realized that she listened to songs like everyone else. For example, Mariah Carey.

I learnt a lot from this video. Especially about single stories. I learnt that only a single story creates stereotypes and steals your dignity, while reading many stories give you dignity so basically, single stories would make you biased. I also learnt about how what you read influenced your writing. The lady talked about how when she was young, she'd read British and American books so her writing would be all about white people with blue eyes talking about apples and the weather till the time she started reading different kinds of books.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the video and learnt quite a lot. 

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