Monday, 5 November 2012

POV Final Assessment - Basketball

I felt a shudder of excitement go through me as we started our basketball game against another class, JuC. We were not doing very well on Sports Day and I knew we would have to dominate the opposition team to be able to claim the Sports Day award for the second time that year.
There were seven of us in on our team. Dressed in bright red and black tutor t-shirts, we were hard to miss. On the back of our shirts, was a quote saying “Be yourself, everybody else is taken,” and a nickname of our choice.
There was music playing in the sports halls, making the adrenaline pump through us and of course, everyone from CFo, my class, started dancing while I sat on the side awkwardly. The courts were not too full, since most of us were playing. I could hear the calls for the ball and the feet stomping on the floor. I heard a cheer go off as one of the teams won. It was now time for us to play.
The buzzer went off and I knew it was go time. Instantly, the opposition grabbed the ball and charged down the court, doing a lay-up as they shot.  
I ran for the ball, grabbing it from the oppositions clutches and sprinted towards our basket. I passed the ball to my team member, Clara, and she attempted to make take a shot. I watched in anticipation as the ball circled around the rim and went in. We high fived in delight but didn’t get too excited, since we knew they were a hard team to beat.
Basket after basket, JuC kept on scoring. We didn’t even bother counting, since we knew it would be of no use. The score was probably 16-4 when it happened.
I snatched the ball from them and was about to sprint down the court when I lost my balance. I threw the ball over to a team member and landed with a thud.
‘Crack!’ went my wrist as I fell onto it. Tears started coming down my face as I strived to get up and reach the sidelines. I tried to hold them in, but they just kept coming.  I hesitantly walked over when I saw my friend, Clara, spazzing out.
“ARUSHI! Are you okay?” Clara asked me.
“Yeah, I think so” I said.
“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh Arushi! Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked again, completely oblivious to the fact that the game was still going on and she was needed.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Go play!” I said, as she headed on to the court.

I felt my wrist tremble as I took a seat on the bleachers when I realized that my wrist was trembling. A teacher hurried over to see what the chaos was about and I was sent to the nurse with a friend accompanying me.
“Your wrist might be fractured, it’s swelling up all over here.” The nurse told me as she put my arm in a skin colored sling. It felt rough against my arm and I didn’t like it one bit. I let out a moan.
“A fractured wrist. During basketball season. Really?” I thought to myself as I was sent to go home.

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