Saturday, 17 November 2012

TED Talks- Vulnerability

       On Wednesday in English, we watched a TED Talks video by a woman on vulnerability.
The three main points that I learnt in the video were:

  • Vulnerability is about connection with shame, joy and love
  • Believe you're worthy of love and belonging
  • It's a vulnerable world where we numb everything 

      To be honest, I didn't really get what she was talking about. Yes, I did learn a few things, such as my three main points, but I don't think all she said connected very well. She first started talking about a quote: "If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist," and then, she started talking about connections and vulnerability. It seemed like she was trying hard to be funny but overall, I thought it was an okay talk which could've been better. I did learn the true meaning of vulnerability though. 

          A wordle of the video

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  1. Let's see if we can talk a bit in class and see where the conversation goes.