Monday, 4 February 2013

Blogging is NOT an Important Part of English Class

           Blogging is a way of expressing your feelings and thoughts through text, in a place where many people can see it. Blogging is not an important part of English class because students can do just fine without have to blog about random subjects. If they wanted to, a person could write about what they wanted on their blogs, but it isn't necessary. It's been about six months since school started and in RKe, not many people are active bloggers. Even without blogging often, everyone seems to be doing just fine  with their writing skills. Furthermore, it can make a student stressed if they were ever forced to blog about their inner thoughts, something they did not want to share with the world. This could lead to pressure on the student. In conclusion, blogging should not be an important part of English class and students should be able to blog by choice.

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